Sorry. Currently, reservations are not accepted at this guest house.
This hostel is in preparation for relocation.

It is the only hostel / backpackers in Tateyama city.
90 minutes by train or bus from Tokyo!

As a summer resort, the warmth that flowers bloom in winter.
It is a guest house located in such South Boso.
(“Boso”and “Boshu” is the old name in the southern part of Chiba Prefecture.)

Tateyama Bay (Hojo Beach)

There are two Tateyama in Japan.
One is Kurobe Tateyama in Toyama Prefecture, and the other is Boshu Tateyama  here in Chiba Prefecture.

Although not famous like Tateyama Kurobe, Boshu Tateyama is also increasing the number of guests from overseas.
If you are familiar with Japan and would like to know more about Japan, how about Boshu Tateyama, a resort area close to Tokyo?

We arrive at JR Uchibo line Kokonoe station in 5 minutes on foot.
(It is the station next to Tateyama station.)
It is an area where there are not many tourists, many locals live.

Because it is along Route 128, many guests come by motorcycle and bicycle touring.
So it is not Backpackers, it’s Wheels!

Of course backpacking travel is also welcome!

There are many shrines and temples in Tateyama City, and there are castles that became the stage of famous novels.

Tateyama Joh (Tateyama Castles)
A castle that served as the stage for “Nanso Satomi Hakkenden”.

Awa jinja (Awa shrine)
It is one of the highest class shrines called “kanpei taisha”, “ichinomiya”.
“Awa” is a place name around the old Tateyama city.

Once it was a military city, the place where the US military landed in the mainland Japan for the first time after Japan’s defeat.
Tateyama, like Okinawa, was governed by GHQ, but it was released in 4 days.

Okinoshima Island
It is an island near the place where the US military landed in the mainland Japan after the WW2.
There used to be the Japanese army base in the neighborhood.Now there is a base of the Self Defense Force.
As the sand beach uplifted in the Great Kanto Earthquake (1923), We can walk to the island on foot.
It is a famous beach.

Tateyama city is such a very historic town in this way.

Nice to meet you. I am Yashiro, owner of Tateyama Wheels Guest House.
I have lived in Tateyama since I was born. I am not good at English :_), but please let us know if you talk about the trip of Minamiboso, Tateyama!